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May 2018
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WTF is a BIPEDAL HOMINID? This episode becomes ten times more awesome if you take a shot every time Aiden says BIPEDAL HOMINID. The Bros take the What Drink are You Quiz. Ancient Alien Encounters....did they happen or not? This episode sposoered by for a FREE DOWNLOAD and virtual personal training on your personal device. for 10% off. Beef Stew before watching The View! It's The Brew!

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The TRIUMPHANT return of Biggie Fries! Tai returns to comedy this week. The BROS butcher FIFA News and European Names. Aiden attemps to bring back the fanny pack, and admits the revealation that he is now a BIG BOOTY fan. Stay to the end and hear Tai's full comedy set live from the Dubomedy Comedy Showcase. Sponsored by Boxerfy for Underwear on Autopilot and for a free trial.

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There is a special guest BRO in the house, Actor, Comedian, Former NFL Player, Jared Campbell. The BROS sit down with Jared Campbell and discuss what's wrong Jayden Smith, being twerking connoisseurs, and the answer to the age old mystery, why do black guys where socks in porn? Follow the hilarious Jared on Twitter and Instagram @jaredquay

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The BROS are now commercial. Thanks to their new sponsors, and This episode you will learn 8 Beers you should stop drinking, more drunken business ideas, and why its good that nerds dont get pussy. Visit our new sponsors at and (no tighty whities!)

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The BROS get their first guest. And she is NOT a BRO? The lovely Katheryn Quest comes to visit from the UK and tries to add a female voice to the show. Aiden Magnus provides Top 5 Tips for the social dating site Tinder, and Mr Fatman Swag introduces a new segment: Drunken Business Ideas.

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Episode 4 recording soon.


<a href="" id="Vp557">Excellent review</a>

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The BROS still haven't learned anything. One night of partying and drinking isnt gonna stop this podcast from airing. Besides, it's The Brew. Great lessons learned in this episode: Travel Agents offer excellent service and Dolphins are the rapists of the sea. What you didn't know that? Porpoises are pervy.

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Now everything in the BROS life revolves around the podcast. Nothing is going stop this podcast now, not even the Coronavirus. To fight off the Coronavirus the BROS are drinking Corona Beer to build up their immune system. That totally works right?

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The bros survive their FIRST week of Podcasting as they garnered up listeners via social media. This week the bros battle the audio gremlins throughout the broadcast with some technical issues. This week's Brew Keyword: MANSCAPING (you'll get it only if you power through and listen).This episode is filled with hilarious banter that you will now come to expect from The Brew. 

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The Brew: A Podcast for Bros is finally released to the world. Join hosts Aiden Magnus and Mr. Fatman Swag as they finally sit down and try to claim their spot as the next pop culture icons one podcast at a time.

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