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May 2018
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The BROS take the show LIVE! The BROS invite some of the most popular comedians in Dubai for a night a fun at The Village English Pub in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. 

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The BROS sit down and get serious. This episode features Kelly Daniel the Head of Marketing and Fundraising for The Change Mission. The Change Mission is a charity organization who is still in Haiti building schools that needed to be rebuilt after the 2010 earthquake. Learn more about the charity as well as how you can be a change agent for issues that you connect to. Find out more about The Change Mission by visiting

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The BROS are joined by their good friend Nathan. According to this episode, mixing Absinthe and Rum doesn't prepare you to explain Quantum Computers. This episode requires you to do a little research on Quantum Computers, and maybe Quantum Leap if you didn't grow up in the 80's. This week's episode is full of mind f*cks about Quantum Computers, Robot Prostitutes, and sexually sensitive house pets.

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Somewhere in Amsterdam, in a tiny apartment hotel fully baked, the BROS were somehow able to record a "mini" episode. This episode is for harcore Brew fans and millions of travelers that have the "Amsterdam stamp" in your passport. You totally understand! You have heard The Brew before, but have you heard The Brew......on bud? No plants were harmed in this recording. (well except the ones that wanted to be) 

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The BROS are back BITCHEZ!!!! After six weeks, six different countries, and two failed attempt to record a podcast, the BROS are back at it. On this episode the BROS share how to spot a "Lady Boy" whilst in Thailand, and other hilarious vacation stories. Ready to fill all your dull moments with laughter, because the BROS have got things brewing again.

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The BROS have begun their summer of Globetrotting. On the way back from vacation in Amsterdam, the BROS get stuck in Romania. Will they make it out alive? Find out what happens on a 12 hour layover after spending days getting backed in Amsterdam sounds like. Let's just say the BROS wont be back to Romania any time soon.

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The BROS sit down with the perpetual manchild, comedian, and tv host Bert Kreischer. The BROS and Bert discuss his book Life of the Party, laughing at life, and his new discovery of Lobster Tube. Also new segment, drunken tv ideas. Download Bert's book Life of the Party for FREE by using then get 30 day frew membership. This episode is sponsored by Underware on Autopilot. Handpicked underware to your door every month. Visit and get 40% off your first order.

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World Cup Special! The World Cup Finals are here and the BROS are joined by their good friend and FIFA aficionado Rich Lindsey. In this special episode the BROS and Rich discuss Historical moments of FIFA, rugby as an Olympic sport, and why we love Honey Boo Boo. Spoiler Alert!!!! Only One of the Bros predicts the correct winner of the FIFA 2014 Tournament. This episode is sponsored by 6 Dollar Shirts. visit to get a great deal on T-Shirts. The World's Largest Library of audio books. for one free title and 30 days free membership.

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The Brew: A Podcast for Bros - Episode 10

The BROS sit down with a major GAMECHANGER in the beer industry. The BROS talk with Eric Stoddard from the SYNEK System. The WORLD's first portable tap house. In this episode Eric and the BROS discuss the future of the SYNEK System and how it could change how we consume beer. Also the return of #drunkenbusinessideas with the Netflix of Beer, because Beer is the new Beer. Check out the SYNEK System at and contribute to their Kickstarter Campaign.

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The BROS get educated on Bitcoin, as they sit down with Bitcoin entrepreneur Peter Klamka CEO of Great conversation of the future of the digital currency, MMA fight promotion and Anna Nicole Smith. This episode is sponsored by use the code "THEBREW" and recieve 20% off of your order. and receive 40% off your subscription for underware on autopilot.

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