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July 2014
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Happy Birthday FAT BABY JESUS!!! 'Tis the season for The BROS wrap up the year with their inaugural year of podcasting with a Christmas Special! The BROS are joined by their friends, Kelly Daniel (The Change Mission) and Big Beatle (The Dumbest Quantum Computing Expert). They look back over 2014 with a few highlights and what Christmas party isn't complete without BOOZE!

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The BROS are back after being on the road with live events across the Middle East. This episode they sit down with Roger Harrison. Roger is a photographer commissioned by the Royal Saudi family. He discusses his new coffee table book "Wings over Arabia", an account of the adventure of gliders who flew over Saudia Arabia. Roger also discusses the advent of digital photography and how the best Kim Kardashian ass pics will never come from an iPhone. 

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This episode the BROS are joined by their stupid smart genius dummy friend Nathan A.K.A. Big Beetle with his beer belly. He has tossed out his research on Quantum Computing and gone for research on the difference between thick vs. voluptuous girls. Your homework kids is to watch this video (it will explain penguin rape). Grandmas smoking weed, Penguin Rape, and Bill Cosby roofies ohhh my! Also new segment: Cheers. Cheers to the biggest idiots in pop culture.

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The BROS become humor scientists...well not really but they sound smarter when they talk to a doctor. This episode features Humor Scientist and author Scott Weems. He discusses his book "Ha: The Science of When we Laugh and Why". Scott explains so really heavy scientific research of why we do one of the earliest human expressions...laugh. You can find Scott's book, Ha on

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The BROS have a TRANSFORMATIVE talk with former NBA player and life coach Keyon Dooling. Keyon shares how he turned his trauma to a triumph. His inspiring story is motivation for anyone who is trying to go to the next level in life and accomplish everything that you dream about.

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The BROS chop it up with the Beauty and the Brawn, Skip and Alison Bedell from the hit Spike TV show Catch a Contractor. Skip and Alison discuss Season 2, and their role that is transforming the general contractor industry. Also on this episode Skip gives the BROS a great #drunkenbusinessidea that could revolutionize how you use the toilet. Be sure to watch their show, Catch a Contractor on Spike TV every Sunday! 

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The BROS sit down with the King of Dubai Comedy Nitin Mirani. Nitin is heading to Hollywood to compete in the Laugh Factory's World's Funniest Person Competition. Nitin describes his journey through comedy in the Middle East and how he has become an international sensation. Nitin also gives us this week's #slurredword and #drunkenbusinessidea You can find Nitin at and be sure to vote for him at This week's episode is sponsored by and 

The BROS sit down for a few beers with Middle East filmmaker Ziggy Darwish. Ziggy is a Arab Austrailian that grew up in a sterotypical Jewish neighborhood. (How's that for diversity?) Ziggy discusses his latest  award-winning film, Boardering On Bad Behavior and the pitfalls of being an independent filmmaker. Ziggy also my have single handedly created the best solution for the Middle East to become a major film hub. You can find out more about his film at or

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The BROS are joined by UAE liquor distributor, Shannon Crockett. Whaaaaaat liquor distributor and The Brew? Will there be samples? Hell Yes! The BROS discuss the market and liquor in the UAE and how many midgets to place on a table to pour a 27 liter bottle of champagne. Samples from some of the BEST from around the World.

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The BROS take the show LIVE! The BROS invite some of the most popular comedians in Dubai for a night a fun at The Village English Pub in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. 

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